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After years of strolling around at various places, the serene ghats (riverbanks) of Hooghly River still remains the first in my list when I am looking out for a small and quick tour. Every city has one such place which is undisturbed and much away from the chaos and cacophony. For me and I am sure for many others the Hooghly ghats did serve as the best location, when there has been an ardent need of tranquility. Although, most of the riverbanks here are crowded. Yes. If you just look back to my post written two years back on The Hooghly itself, you would definitely come to know. The riverside has been a shelter to many people who migrate to Kolkata for work.

You might wonder why I am writing at length about the river when this photograph has not even a tiny glimpse of it. In the last three days I have been here, just to resume my old practice, nothing exciting caught my eyes. People taking bath, muttering prayers, enjoying a quiet time, some playing cards, lovebirds and so on. The usual. What actually kept me sitting there for a long time was the reflecting sunlight which almost appeared to be dancing on the rippling water, creating a golden hue. Mostly I went prior to sundown, just for this mesmerizing view. That particular dancing light does possess a meditative quality which will almost hook you and you may find yourself gazing at it for long. In one word, it’s magical. But, it didn’t really make for a complete photograph as there was no interesting subject in the surroundings. Just a mood or moment which you can sit and immerse yourself into.

It was on the first day, after sitting for good two hours and unable to find anything interesting other than the sunlight peeping in through the clouds, I finally gave in and was walking up the stairs ( the ghats have stairs which goes down to meet the river ). Running parallel to the river till a certain distance is the Kolkata Circular Railway or the Chakro Rail which encircles the entire city of Kolkata. So, you need to cross the railway tracks to go down to the river and the other way round. While going up the stairs, I spotted this cycle which was lying leisurely on the metal fence entwined with a thick bed of money plants. There was a kind of gray tint all over that place as it was almost sundown and the day was partially cloudy. But, somehow the blue cycle along with the green money plants with its various shades stood out and the absence of proper sunlight accentuated the mood. Kind of an appropriate photograph if you want to show how a lazy day should be. I quickly made 2-3 shots, not wanting to miss the moment and walked towards the road. The following day, I found the cycle again and even yesterday. Looks like, someone is quite less bothered about their material possessions.

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